Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mochizuki Minoru on Aiki

From the Aiki News 1986 Friendship Demonstration (video for sale at

"What is aiki? Each person has a different theory on this, but in aiki you harmonize your ki with the ki of the opponent. How?... an opponent has ki ready to attack you and you get ahead of him. This is aiki. You harmonize your ki exactly with your opponent's attacking ki. Then you proceed one more step to a rational place to defeat him. In this way the technique is applied in a flash. You perceive his attacking ki quickly and immediately deal with it in an appropriate manner.  This is the way of aiki... of aikido."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Quote from Hamaji Kouichi, jojutsu shihan

On the earth, there is an absolute power that equally affects all things in accordance with their mass, namely gravity. Obeying this power with no resistance, thereby acquiring a sense of oneness with all things, collect the Ki of the heavens and the Ki of the earth in your Tanden, sit straight, stand straight, and walk determinedly. I have discovered that this is the fundamental phenomenon of all things.  ---Hamaji Kouichi

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